• Procurements, storing and maintaining a continuous supply of medical gases in the hospital, required at various stages of patient care.

• In hospital with sufficient load, the supply should be central. But for small size hospitals with less than 50 beds, it is cost effective to use medium size cylinders on trolley in the wards, ICU, ICCU and even in the O.T.

• Sometimes, it is viable to centralize the OT supply while rest of the hospital is supplied with medium size cylinders. Sometimes, few facilities may be centralized (Oxygen, Suction) and others, e.g., Nitrous-Oxide (N2O), Carbon-dioxide (CO2) etc. may be supplied by individual cylinders.

• It is on hospital managers to decide depending upon consumption of various gases.

• Even Bulk Oxygen and Nitrous cylinders can be used in OT for Boyle’s Machine with conversion kit, which is easily available.