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Monthly Report Year 2018
Monthly Report Year 2017

The standard of sanitation expected of a hospital is much higher than of other institutions for some very important reasons.

A very important consideration is to be borne in mind is that sickness lowers resistance to infection and in this sense the users of the users of the hospital are highly vulnerable.

First of all there is all there is the ever-present risk of transmission of infection from one patient to another. Traffic inside the hospital is very difficult to control and the standards of consciousness in matters of hygiene of people using or visiting the hospital vary widely many patients soil the floors, furniture, fittings and linen with infected discharges from wounds, ear, nose, throat, lungs, and some of them stay in hospital for varying periods, unless these sources are neutralized as they are brought in, in hospital will soon become the unhealthy place for life

Secondly, the hospital laboratory has. of necessity, to culture and identify some of the most deadly organisms, Failure to sterilize  these sources can be attended   with grave consequences for the staff  as well as for users of hospital,

Thirdly, there are certain zones in the hospital where  mere cleanliness is not enough, but a more positive freedom from bacteria, i.e. complete asepsis, is imperative to reduce risk to human life, e.g. the OT, ICU/ICCU,  Labor rooms and CSSD,