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•    About the Department – Department of  Anaesthesiology & Critical Care, Pain Clinic.
•    No. of OPD (Year) – About 5277 Per Year
•    No. Surgeries (Year) – About 9188 Per Year
•    etc. – Faculty – Professor – 02, Associate Professor – 05, Assistant Professor- 03, S.R. – 03, PG’s-  4 Seat for  M.D. & 1 Seat for D.A. every year.


i.    22 OT’s  - Air-condition Equipped with latest equipments & central pipeline system.
ii.   PAC Room.
iii.  Critical Care Unit     - 8 + 5Beded.
iv.  PICU            - 10 Beded.
v.   Pre operative Room     - 03 Beded.
vi.  Recovery Room     - 06 Beded.
vii. Pain Management Unit - O.T. , Beds.
viii.Department Library having 138 Books & Journal.
ix.  Training centre    - for OT & Anaesthesia Technician.
                                   - RCH Programme  (LSAS) Life Saving Anaesthesia Skill.
                                   - BLS & ACLS Healthcare provider courses (AHA certified).


•    ABG Analyzer, Syringe/ PCA pump, Nerve locator cum stimulator, C-arm image intensifier, Suction Machine, Colour Doppler, PHI Anaesthesia workstation, Boyles Basic, Difibrillators, RGM, Multipara/ Neuromuscular Monitor, MRI Compitable Pulse Oximeter & Anaesthesia Machine, Fiberoptic laryngoscope, USG Machine, ECG Machine & etc.


Department of Anaesthesiology is equally comparable to  the facilities available in Delhi & Mumbai Hospitals.
CME, Workshop, Conference, Seminar, etc Details.

i.    Organize - 4th Central Zone conference  ISA.
ii.   Organize – 13th  & 14th State conference of ISA.
iii.  Organize – 7th Central Zone Conference ISA.
iv.  Every Year conducted American Heart Association certified Basic Life Support (BLS) & Advanced Cardiac life support (ACLS) provider course, Latest course conducted on 29th, 30th,31st January 2016.
v.    Every month Seminar / Tutorials/ journal presentation on Anaesthesiology for Students & Practice nor Doctors.
vi.   CPR Demonstration for doctors & Public.


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Head of Department

Designation Professor & H.O.D.

M.D. Anaesthesia, FIPM,BLS & ACLS Instructor.( Faculty of AOT, Ahmedabad)

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