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The storage and description of medicines and the other medical equipments of Central Medicine Store are as follow:


The medicines and other medical equipments are purchased by the purchase department of the hospital;the related firm supplies the medicines as per requirement. Our employees maintain the daily expenditure register, the batch expiry no., details of bill, stock and the other required information is maintained in it. At the time of supply, firm provide 3 bill copy to us. This is sent to Dispatch department to record received Information. After a remark by purchase department it is resend to our department. We keep one copy of bill and the other 2 is sent to the purchase officer for verification, and later sent to purchase department. We maintain the supply of medicine/article in our computer software regularly. The medicines, injection and the other medical equipment are placed in rack according to alphabetical order and by their expiry date.


During this procedure the computer software is placed central medicine store and to the wards of different department. As required by the various wards/department in which demand is online, which is also known as indent. According to the stock this indent ismade, the Central Medicine store generate an issue voucher which is kept by store. The 2 copy is released in which one is distributed to the related wards, and the other to sore for stock entry. The pharmacist matches the drugs volume through the medicine voucher. The related calculations are matched by the departmental nurse, officers and doctors.

Stock Management:

In stock management, daily we entry the issue and distribution of medicines in expenditure register. And by the end of month, the stock register is maintained as the consumption of medicines is done. The expenditure and stock register of all materials like tablets, disposable, dressing material suture, soap cancer medicine, x-ray material and permanent artier are maintained separately. The expenditure of articles is daily the end of the month issue voucher and consumption of article is maintained in stock register.

For the purchase of medicinesas required by the central medicine store based on consumption of pharmaceuticals for 3month, a demand letter is given to Joint Director cum Superintendent, and as the demand letter is given by the wards, according to that from time to time we issue letter too as per demands.