1. O.P.D. , O.T, and Audiological Unit of Department of ENT (No. 244) Situated in 2nd floor of the hospital and 30 bedded ENT ward (ward No. 24) is situated in the 3rd floor.

2. Total No. of Patients attended in ENT OPD ranges from 70-90/day.

3. Total No. of patients attended in Audiologic Unit for Audiological tests 20- 25 and speech therapy 40 -45 per day.

4. There is one Major O.T. (No.05) which functions every day and one minor O.T. exists in O.P.D.

5. Number of Major and minor operation per month are 45-50 and 210-220 respectively.


A) Audiological Investigations

- Pure tone audiometry with special audiological tests

- Free field audiometry

- Impedance Audiometry


- Otoacoustic Emission

- Caloric tests

B) Speech related facilities

- Stroboscopy

- Speech Assessment

- Dr’s speech (Electrogllotography)

- Facilities for Post Cochlear Implant Therapy

C) Rhinomanometry

D) Diagnostic Endoscopy

E) Temporal bone laboratory

F) Prosthetic laboratory

G) EAR mould lab


Our ENT department is a recognized department by MCI. MS. ENT course was started in the year 1976 and since then about 90 candidates had been awarded by MS, ENT degree. DLO Course was started in the year 1979 and since then about 60 candidates had been awarded by D.L.O. About 90 research work had been done as yet and many research projects are in progress. Clinical & research work of the department is constantly being published and projected in conferences. Four papers had been published in different state National & International journals in last two year’s and five papers are under process. Faculties and post graduate students have presented their research work paper in different state and national conferences and were adjudged best and were awarded. Department is constantly organizing seminars, Live surgical workshops and conferences. Courses on temporal bone dissection, seminars on vertigo, nasal allergy, assessment of hearing and new borns, workshops on functional Endoscopic sinus surgery, micro surgery of ear, cochlear implant surgery, parotid surgery, thyroid surgery and head & neck Onco surgery have been organized in last three years. Diagnostic Camps, survey of hearing impairment in school children, and speech problem in schools going children all being conducted.


- M.S (ENT)

- Diploma in laryngotology (D.L.O.)

- B.A.S.L.P. Degree Course.

- Audiometry technician & speech therapist (one year certificate course)


1. FESS & OTOLOGY (09,10MARCH 2013 )

a. Dr. Janaki Ram (Trichi)

b. Dr. Vijendra (Banglore)

2. Nystagmus Dr. Viplav Dutta

3. Pharmaco therapy in Upper Respiratory Infections - Dr. Rohit

4. Allergic Rhinitis ( 25 Nov 2013)- Dr. Rohit


• National conference in jan 2015 with temporal bone workshop on 28th & 29th November 2015.


Head of Department

Name Dr. Hansa Banjara
Designation Professor & Head of Department
Qualification M.S.(ENT)
Contact No. 0771-2890137
Email Id drhansabanjara@gmail.com