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The use of information and communication technologies has become widespread in the hospital. Technology has taken over the daily schedules of hospitals, and has allowed nurses and doctors to work more efficiently with patients and each other. In clinical implication IT is used in following task:

- Assessment

- Patient Monitoring

- Documentation

- Telemedicine

- Medical Record Department

- Doctor's Monthly Performa

- Patient Registration

- IPD/OPD Registration

- Indent

- E-Tender

- Data gathering

- Computer assisted instruction

The use of IT in assessment helps in gathering and storing data about the patient. IT is used in settings such as emergency, intensive care, ICCU, and the NICU for vital sign monitoring, calculations of cardiac output, and even pulmonary artery pressure. This allows the focus to be solely on the patient and helps in the comparison of a patient's present condition to earlier conditions. Computers are also useful in documenting nurses' observations. Right now we are having our new software Hospital Management System. This software was launched on 23rd July 2014. This software has been designed and developed by a programmer hired from a private company. This software targets to provide basic solution for Hospital services.

In the category of telemedicine, the internet on computers is used to transfer medical information for consultation, examinations, and even some small medical procedures. In Medical Record Department digitalization has increased the efficiency of hospital by making patient information readily available and saving office space for the storage of records. It has also eliminated illegible handwriting, decreases on data-entry errors, and automatically connects related records. Through means of security, only authorized individuals have access to medical records. The computer even keeps track of the history of those who have visited certain records. Most significantly, IT has dramatically reduced the need for paper and storage services. Programs such as Excel and QuickBooks allow hospitals to calculate the total cost of the services they are providing. These programs would also help with the comparison of the net values of money coming in and going out, and ensuring balance between the two. Computers help in the calculating of paychecks, the respective salaries of all workers, and the respective taxes to be taken out of each salary. This same financial system also keeps track of the bills the hospital needs to have paid. All of these items above would assist in the administrators making sure that the medical care they are giving their patients is as cost effective and efficient as possible. A local area network (LAN) is a computer network that interconnects computers within a limited area. LAN was installed in the year of 2008. Cat-5 category cable is used in it. There are 18 Switches installed. Switch is made 2622655652of HCL Model, HL524 Port - 10/100 Ethernet 24 port is used.

Currently server is located in MRD (Medical Record Department). Server was installed by Hp Company on June 2013. Server AMC is being done by HP for 1 year. The manpower for server is provided by Call Me Services

In addition to costs, computers evaluate quality assurance programs. These programs ensure that all the methods and procedures of the hospital are in proper installation. Computers additionally help to justify new roles for nursing in the health care system. This essentially means that the job of a nurse is enhanced through duties on the computer in addition to their medical duties. So, computers are facilitating the nursing process. A job that used to be strictly hands on is now branching out to the technological.

Advanced systems are bringing more advanced minds to our hospitals, which in turn, advances our medical treatments. The picture I see is mighty bleak. Thank you, IT, for transforming our medical system to the best that it can be in saving our citizens.