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Transfusion Medicine Services are vital part of modern health care system. Blood Bank of B.R.A.M. Hospital Raipur was upgraded to State of The Art MODEL BLOOD BANK in year 2004. State of Art MODEL BLOOD BANK is state’s largest modern blood bank in government sector with required technologies and services. Blood Bank is equipped with latest facilities for issue of whole blood and blood components like Packed Red Cells (RCC), Platelet Concentrate (PC), Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) and Cryoprecipitate (Cryo). To ensure availability of safest possible Blood, collection is undertaken after medical checkup and is issued only after screening for Transfusion Transmissible Infections like HIV 1 and 2, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis and Malaria.

MODEL BLOOD BANK is a pioneer in Voluntary Blood Donation in Chhattisgarh State with 40-50% Voluntary Blood Donations every year. More than 12481 units of Blood/Blood Components are given to the patients every year, without Replacement Donations. In accordance with National Blood Policy, MODEL BLOOD BANK is trying to achieve 100% Voluntary Blood Donations. Blood Bank tries to achieve this aim by organizing Voluntary Blood Donation Camps at various places like Educational Institutes and in association with other organizations. To achieve this aim, Blood Bank has a fully air conditioned Mobile Blood Van provided by NACO  fitted  with 4 blood donation couches and storage capacity of 250 Blood Units. Other facilities in Blood Mobile Van are L.C.D. T.V, Fridge, Oven and Toilet.

With recent epidemics of Dengue fever continuous supply of platelets has become a must for successful treatment. Patients with cancer also require platelets to maintain blood counts, so they can receive doses of chemotherapy. To help these patients on regular basis blood bank is equipped with Fresenius Kabi Com.Tek Blood Cell Separator for Apheresis and other component separator facilities. With Apheresis donors can donate platelets to a patient 2 times per week. This helps in decreasing multiple donor exposure for patients, so that there are decreased chances of exposure to antigen from multiple donors and Transfusion Transmitted Infections.

With component separation facilities every unit of donated blood can be fractioned into Red Cell Concentrate (RCC), Platelets Concentrate (PC) and Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP). With component separation facilities every donor can help a minimum of 3 patients.

1st October is celebrated as National Voluntary Blood Donation Day and 14th June as World Blood Donors’ Day to help and support cause of Voluntary Blood Donation.

Facilities available

General information about Blood Donation

Some Common Wrong Concepts / Misconcepts about Blood Donation

Blood Components Provided to the Patients without Replacement  Donors

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Facilities available

  1. (1) Blood grouping ABO and Rh.
  2. (2) Coombs Test.
  3. (3) Donors screening by trained medical staff.
  4. (4) Screening by ELISA for – HIV -1 and 2, HCV, HBs Ag, Syphilis and Malaria.
  5. (5) Whole Blood (WB) for transfusion.
  6. (6) Components for Transfusion

           - Red Cell Concentrate (RCC),
           - Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP),
           - Platelet Concentrate (PC) –
                                - Multiple Donors Platelet (RDP)
                                - Single Donor Platelet (SDP) (By Apheresis)
           - Cryoprecipitate (Cryo)

  1. (7) Training facilities for Medical Officers and Technicians coming from other Government Blood Banks of the State.

Our Blood  Bank  is  collecting blood from all the healthy donors who  wants  to donate blood in the Blood Bank  and in   the  Blood Donation Camps organised  in  and  outside Raipur.


General information about Blood Donation

Who can Donate Blood:- Any healthy person between age 18-65 years having body weight 45 kgs or more and Haemoglobin more than 12.5 gm%.   
Gap between two blood donations: - minimum 3 months.
Time taken in Blood Donation:-5- 10 minutes.

Some Common Wrong Concepts / Misconcepts about Blood Donation

  1. (1) I will feel tired and weak after donation.

Fact—No you won’t, if you will continue to drink plenty of water, juices and normal meal.

  1. (2) I will not be able to carry out my day to day activities.

Fact--- You can. Though avoid very hard work and don’t exercise.

  1. (3) My own blood will decrease and I will become weak.

Fact--- Doctor permit you for donation only after conformation by Medical Examination that you have enough blood to donate. 

  1. (4) Too much time will be waste.

Fact--- Actual donation takes 5--7 minutes and with rest period of 20 minutes, you can be free in 30 minutes.

  1. (4)  I will feel pain while donating and afterwards.

Fact--- You will feel just a pinch of pain. There will be no pain during and after donation.

  1. (5) I may receive HIV infection and develop AIDS.

Fact--- No, if you will donate in a good set up and make sure that disposable syringes and needles are used.

  1. (7) I will not be able to consume alcohol and smoke.

Fact--- You can smoke after 3 hrs but start consuming alcohol only from next day.


Blood Components Provided to the Patients without Replacement  Donors

Year Whole Blood /
RCC Units
Platelet Units FFP Units Total Units
2012 5792 3056 3238 12086
2013 6320 3434 2727 12481


Blood is provided without Service Charges and without Replacement Donors to the Paediatric patients of Sickle cell anemia, Thalassaemia, Haemophilia and Aplastic Anemia.

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