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The Department came into existence in Year 1965 When Dr. N.G. Prasanna HOD, along with Dr. S. P. Sharma, Resident Medical Officer laid the foundation of this department. The undergraduate Teaching in the department started in 1966. The Department took shape when Dr. (Mrs.) Prasanna and Dr. M.L. Rathi joined as Lecturer and Houseman respectively in 1967 and 1968. The Post graduate Course in Pediatrics started in Yr. 1972 and Dr. M.L. Rathi became the first postgraduate to finish his MD in Pediatrics from the Department. After Dr. (Prof.) N.G. Prasanna (1965-1978, 1993-1995) Dr. (Prof) D.S. Dave (1979-1992) Dr.(Prof) A.T. Dabke (1995-2004), and Dr.(Prof.) N L Phuljhele (2005 – 2011) have led the Department as Heads. Currently the department is headed by Dr. (Prof) SharjaPhuljhele.

The Department of Pediatrics at Pt. J N M Medical College &DrBhim Rao Ambedkar Memorial Hospital is well Established since 50 years and recognized by Medical council of India. At Present it has State of  art and world class facilities such as neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) which is level 2 with 50 beds (30 beds intensive care + 20 beds step-down and mother-side) , Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) with 14 beds (8 beds critical + 6 beds step-down )  and 2 pediatric wards with 39 beds on each ward total 78 beds along-with separate Cancer ward, Diarrhea ward, isolation ward for infectious disease . These are equipped with latest equipments such as arterial blood gas analyzer, ventilators, electrolyte analyzer, Multi-para monitor, ECG machine, phototherapy unit, apnea monitors, defibrillators. There Path lab, available in the ward. The Departmental library has all recent edition books &Journal .

The Department is actively pursuing its academic excellence with more than 22 research paper in various national international journals and 29 oral & poster presentation in various conferences and awarded with gold medals and award of appreciation IN 2015 ACADEMIC YEAR. About 300 post graduate student have been enrolled in various courses since inception.


The department has 78 pediatric beds and 50 neonatal beds.

A sophisticated NICU exist in the department with facilities for ventilation and monitoring.

A very active Pediatric Oncology service provides a high quality of care to children afflicted with cancer. A separate ward exists in the department for treating cancer patients in pediatrics.

Routine vaccinations are given in the OPD and postnatal wards everyday.

Post Natal care is provided to every baby delivered in the hospital under direct supervision of a consultant.

The Department has a air-conditioned treatment room with central oxygen, suction, monitoring and ventilation facilities.

The pediatric department library has computer facilities with round the clock internet connection. The department also has an LCD projector for teaching purposes.

The department has all routine laboratory investigations done in the well equippedside laboratory.

The department has a separate procedure room for procedures like lumbar puncture, intercoastal drainage, bone-marrow aspiration and biopsies.

The department has computerized data-collection system in OPD and wards which can be accessed by consultants in their chambers through a secure network.



M.D. (Pediatrics)

Diploma in Child Health (D.C.H.)


1. The Department provides core undergraduate and postgraduate training in Pediatrics. 

2. It also acts as an advisory body to the Medical Department in disease containment and surveillance activities.

3. Training of doctors and Medical Officers.

4. It is a centre for IGNOU training and PGDMCH examination, IMNCI and breast feeding training.

5. In effort to create high standard in field of medical education , We have organized CME on various topics such as breast feeding, Nutrition, Diarrhea, HIV & AIDS.

6. Many workshops were conducted namely NALS, PALS, Mechanical ventilation.

7. Various training programs were done such as FBNC, NRP,  in the Department. The Department is also center for sentinel surveillance of measles, typhoid, swine flu and  meningitis in Chhattisgarh.

8. In order to decrease infant and childhood mortality, the department is organizing diarrhea and breastfeeding week for the past 10 years and conducting NRP for internship students.


1. 20-21 September 2013 Golden Jublee celebration and mid Term Hemato-onchology Nation CME By Department of Pediatrics & IAP.

2. 20-21September 2014 -NCPID National Conference of Pediatric Infectious disease.

3. Central India Pediatrics Gastro Conference 19-20 Dec.2015 Organized by the department of Pediatrics in association with IAP.


Symposia on breast feeding (2005)

NALS (2006)

CME on Newborn Care (2006)

PALS (2007)

IMNCI workshop (2008)

CME on Hemato-oncology (2008)

CME on Ventilation (2008)

IAP undergraduate Quiz (every year)

IAP Post graduate Quiz (2008)

CME on Rabies – April 2013

CME on Malaria management – May 2013

World malaria day and CME on treatment protocol of Malaria – 25th May 2013

Workshop on Mechanical Ventilation – 7 July 2014

Divisional round of IAP quiz – 24 July 2014

CME on current status update on IPV - 25 July 2014

ORSWeek 23 – 29 July 2014

Inter-departmental CME on Pneumonia on occasion of world Pneumonia day – 12 November

CME on Pediatrics Cardiology – 27-1-2014 

PALS organized on 8 &9 of March 2014

FBNCconducted on 26 27 28 & 29 of March 2014

FBNC conducted on 2 – 5  of April 2014

ORSWeek - July 2014

Breast feeding week - August 2014


STATE conference of CG IAP – 19th September 2014

NRP training program – throughout year at 1 month interval

FBNC training program for Nurses and Doctors – 23 – 26 February 2015

CME and Workshop in Critical Care ,Electrolyte imbalance ,Preterm Nutrition – 27 March 2015

CME on Diarrhea – Cause &Management – July 2015

CME on Breast feeding – August 2015

Head of Department

Name  Dr. Sharja Phuljhele
Designation Professor & Head of Department
Qualification  M.B.B.S,M.D(Paediatrics)
Contact No. 0771-2890090
Email Id sharjaphuljhele@gmail.com