SUPPORT SERVICE » Medical Records Department

The functions of this department is to maintain,  analyze and Safe-keeping  of all patients records. Its Function can be extended to preparing and analyzing other hospital statistics also as per Hospital Mangers’ policies 


1.  The MRD should be planned in such a manner that complete details of all patients treated in this hospital are readily available at all times  It should be remembered  that the department will assume considerable importance if and when a case is pending in court of law.

2.  Medical records of patients start building the day he is admitted in the day he is admitted in the hospital It consists of his case sheet paper (complete file) minus change sheet, investigation reports, Operation/procedure details etc. all these papers are deposited in this section after the discharge/death of the patient

3. Medical reports of a patient are confidential document and its movement after being filed in the MRD, should be recorded in a register . Its handing over/officer, Its handing over/taking over should be against the signature of the parson/officer concerned.