24 Hours Ambulance

The ambulance service is an integral part of hospital. We have a fleet of ambulances with the necessary facilities, like monitors, defibrillators, ventilators and continuous oxygen supply. Ambulance services are available in the hospital for 7x24x365 days. Free Ambulance service is provided trauma patients as and when required. Our fleet of 4 ambulances. We have young, skilled emergency medical technicians who are trained in basic life support and advanced cardiac life support. They accompany the patient during transportation.

The services of doctors trained in emergency medicine are always available to accompany the patients in the ambulance as and when the need arises.

Sanjeevni 108

The Sanjeevani Express is well equipped with basic and state of art instruments to handle the emergency cases on its way to hospitals - oxygen, suction machine, medicines, BP operator and delivery kits besides other high end equipments make these ambulances efficient to handle emergency cases. Along with the vehicle come four types of stretchers which help in carrying patients in difficult cases like – rough roads, fire cases, commuting in hilly terrains and water bound regions. Previously, after a road accident or in other emergency cases there used to be a substantial delay in accessing the treatment. This used to be the reason for many deaths that were caused due to accidents.

But since the advent of Sanjeevani it takes only 15 minutes in towns and 30 – 35 minutes in villages for an emergency ambulance to reach the patient. Toll free number 108 connects directly to Raipur located control room which carries out a conference call between the caller and the Sanjeevani ambulance which is already in a standby mode in the closest proximity and runs for the help of the caller after noting down the details of the location/accident spot.

Mahatari express 102

In a frantic bid to coincide the launch of the 'Mahtari' Express service with the chief minister's Vikas Yatra, the Chhattisgarh health department on providing free transportation to pregnant women and children below the age of one year without the mandatory telephone number '102' getting operational.

The service of providing free transportation to pregnant women, which aims at promoting institutional deliveries, under the centrally sponsored National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), is available in almost all other states across the country on phone number 102.

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Muktanjali 1099

The service christened as ‘Muktanjali’ would be offered in all the district hospitals and the vans could be summoned by dialling toll free number ‘1099’. The ‘Muktanjali’ van would bring home the mortal remains of the person on account of his or her sudden death from the government hospital free of cost. The service launched by the Health and Family Welfare Department would provide great relief especially to the financial weaker families.

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