Hospitals are one of the most active public places, When it comes to hospital security we have the expertise and experience required to address your most challenging problems. Having a security system in healthcare institutions is of critical importance, considering they are places with high-valued equipment, accessibility to drugs, and many entrances. A hospital needs common precautions against fire, attacks, and vandalism as any other large facility. At the same time, heightened security requires special electronic protection solutions such as control against abduction of infants from maternity wards or threats against patients or staff, and crimes of opportunity.

Our Hospital is having extremely complex building that needs the strongest security solution. We are having a highly skilled team, experienced with evaluating a Hospital’s infrastructure and identifying threats and vulnerabilities. We focus on its specific weaknesses and offer the necessary hospital security solution to protect the institution’s people, property, and reputation.

We are having a fire alarms, access control, and CCTV security systems. 24*7 hours guards are always there in each and every gate and doors. Security guard view people entering and leaving the area. They are in entrance, lobbies, operating rooms, labs and pharmacies, wards, OPDs, OTs etc. Cameras are programmed to count the number of people moving through an area or identifying and reporting that an object has been removed or left behind.

In some specific areas of a hospital there is restricting access also a high priority for hospital security. A busy hospital is full of doctors, nursing and service staff, patients, relatives, friends and other visitors. Any of which may have a reason to access specific areas. The Hospital administration needs to assure that this access is restricted. Only authorized people can then access controlled areas (pharmacy/drug storage, ICUs, surgical areas, e.g.). If unauthorized personnel attempts entry to a restricted area, the security staff control the situation immediately.